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Welcome to Living Fountain International Foundation schools. It’s been our dream all these years! We are so happy seeing it come true. It’s the dream of creating a learning environment in which your child or ward is sure of being groomed morally and educationally with state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified  morally sound and godly teachers.

LIVING FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION SCHOOLS (Christian Day Care, Nursery and Primary) ENUGU is the place to be to ensure a very solid holistic foundation for your child through ages 0-11.

To say that our educational system is in dire need of a total radical overhaul is to say the least and emphasize the obvious. The problem is further complicated by the ‘official’ involvement of supposed custodians and watchdogs of educational sanity in flagrant perversion of the industry at all levels. The unfortunate cumulative outcome is the massive turning out of certificate-bearing graduates who are neither able to deliver on their professed qualification nor help themselves or the society.

Several seminars and workshops have held and continue to hold with a view to training and retraining the operators of our educational system as part of efforts to achieve the Millennial Development Goals (MDG) yet we are still miles apart from our dream educational haven. It is quite disturbing and worrisome that the enormous efforts by the government and other concerned organisations at salvaging the education industry are yet to produce the desired results in spite of the attendant huge expenditures.

The truth is that the core problem with our educational system just like that of the other aspects of our social life is foundational therefore requiring deep-rooted foundational treatment rather than cosmetic superficial garnishing. Our educational system is failing because of a diametric disconnection from the Living Fountain. We lost it when we threw away the core objectives and essence of education and joined the mad throng in the quest for secularism at the expense of morality and godliness. We thus destroyed the very fabric and foundation of education hence our educational centre caved in and stopped holding.

The only hope of remedy to our educational system is a return and realignment of our educational theory and practice to the Almighty – the Essence and Source of true knowledge. This is the principal drive and express mandate of LIVING FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION SCHOOLS ENUGU.




       The School’s mandate is to so holistically equip pupils to compete very favourably with their counterparts in any part of the world. The drilling is such that a child transferring from the school at any point to any part of the world will very naturally flow along while a child joining from an international school from any part of the world is not in any way set back. This mandate is aptly captured and expressed by the School’s mission statement, motto and slogan as follows.



       Raising a generation of children who will harness the treasures of grace to make a habit of succeeding in all of life’s endeavours and make unbeatable global impacts.


III.    MOTTO:          “Godliness and excellence”


IV.   SLOGAN: “Functional education with godliness”



       We operate custom hybrid curricula which naturally meet international standards, satisfy and integrate the national policy on education.



       Significant fees rebates are granted to deserving children of deserving full-time gospel ministers and Church workers. Ample scholarships, administered by an independent board, are also provided annually during the 2nd and 3rd terms for free and fair competition by deserving pupils.



It is the human resources policy of Living Fountain International Foundation Schools to recruit only exceptionally intelligent, computer literate and suitably qualified practicing Christians for all staffing positions. Living Fountain employments are well-remunerated, pensionable and comparatively keeping with the federal civil service wages.




Issue of Forms: Limited admission application forms into Day Care – Primary 1 are offered for sale at the School within a specified period during each admission session as published in the School’s website, displayed on the School’s notice board and published in other print media. Forms can also be e-mailed or downloaded from the website upon request and payment of the prescribed form fee into the School’s account. The 2013/2014 session form fee is Five Hundred Naira (N500) only.


Admissions Interview: Interview and placement of prospective pupils based on the pupils’ holding capacity of the School follow next on the date advertised and/ or communicated to the admission applicants. The 2013/2014 session admissions interview is scheduled to hold at the School at 11.00am on monday 19th August, 2013


For functional education with godliness, act wisely and enrol your child today for the 2013/2014 session.











Books Admission of new students into Living Fountain Int'l Foundation schools for 2013/2014 session is currently in progress! Hurry now to the school and purchase a form for your child or ward.